Who Should Be Using Statly?

If you're selling anything online, you should know exactly how your website is performing
and where your opportunities to sell more are hidden...

  • Sales Teams

    Know what your website visitors are looking at and how they’re moving through your site so you know how to sell more effectively!

  • Consultants

    Get immediate data on how a sales funnel is converting, including content marketing like blog posts and articles!

  • Podcasters

    Find out which podcasts are sending you leads and which ones aren’t, so you can run traffic to the better performing sessions and do more of the same!

  • Coaches

    Get immediate insight on which pieces of content are driving your best clients through your sales funnel, getting you all your conversions!

  • Product Owners

    Sell your digital courses, books and membership sites more effectively by seeing how visitors are finding and interacting with your sales material!

  • Software Creators

    Is one blog post or one feature update responsible for sending all your new trial members?  With Statly, figuring that out is as simple as defining a goal…

  • Bloggers

    Find out which content is responsible for people sticking to your site, diving deeper into the backlogs of blog posts and onto your email list!

  • Local Businesses

    Are visiting your site before they stop by?  Are the discount codes you’re sending out working?  Is most of your traffic from outside the city you do business in?  Answering these questions is easy with the right analytics tool…

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