Advanced Analytics Shouldn't Be Complicated

Data is what powers your sales growth and your business.  The better you understand what's happening on your website, the more you can influence it.

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    Tell us what you want to track

    The first thing you need to do is tell us what domain you want to track... It can be an entire site, a subdomain, a subdirectory... Whatever.

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    Add the code

    Once your website is added to Statly, simply install the code on your website and let Statly figure out who's going where and doing what...

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    Define your goals

    Tell us what's important to you. That might be visiting a particular page (like a "Getting Started" page or a sales video). It might be registering for a webinar, adding an item to the shopping cart, or hitting a confirmation page. By knowing the few URL's that are important, we can figure out how the rest of the website fits into place.

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    Review your stats

    Depending on how much traffic your website gets, you might have lots of great data in minutes, hours or days... What's important is that you use that data to make decisions about what people are doing on your website and how to optimize the sales funnel!

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    Watch for opportunities!

    When Statly detects that there's a new opportunity that you need to know about like increased traffic to a page, more conversions from a blog post, an anomaly in the sales funnel flow that is causing sales... We'll let you know!

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